A Ghost is Eating My Dress

Cut Paper

A little illustration of something my daughter said to me this morning.

Dress-eating ghost infestation


13 thoughts on “A Ghost is Eating My Dress”

  1. My 2 1/2 year old son has been talking a lot lately about ghosts. “There’s a ghost over there by the window.” He just says it matter of factly. We’ve never talked about ghosts before and I can’t think where he’s seen it referenced. In general, I avoid creepy.

    How did I stumble upon this (new) blog? Is this all non-Middlest Sister material? It was in my site stats as a referral source. I’m following now…


    • My kid is now 3 and she’s been ghost-crazy for a while now. I don’t know where she even learned about ghosts… Halloween, maybe? But she loooooves them.

      The first time she mentioned them, I was lying in bed with her trying to get to her to go to sleep when she pointed to the end of the bed and asked, “Is that man dead, Mommy?” I was alone in the house with her in the dark. I tried to ignore her, but she just kept asking and it was giving me the willies. “Hello, Man. Man, are you dead? Are you dead, Man?” I wound up turning on every light in the house and waiting for my husband to come home 😀

      Yeah, this is my little daily life blog for things other than The Middlest Sister.


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