Sketchbook 7/26/12: The Nightmare


Last night was a very long night. My daughter woke up screaming, “The blood! The blood on the curtains is coming to get me!” She was freaked out in a major way. Shaking, begging to sleep in a different room, any other room. Turning on lights, reading books, laughing, and many, many hugs and kisses helped her to fall back asleep calmly… eventually.

Poor thing, she was terrified.


4 thoughts on “Sketchbook 7/26/12: The Nightmare”

  1. Poor little thing! I’ve had a couple of nightmares these past two weeks, and it can be traumatic . And I’m old! Still, the em


  2. Aw, I Iove the last picture especially. Poor girl! It’s always makes you wonder what goes through their heads. My almost-3-year-old son for a while wouldn’t stop talking about ghosts. I don’t even have any idea how he ever heard of ghosts. I’ll admit it; it kind gave me the willies after a while! 😦 Hope she’s doing better now.


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