Sketchbook 9/25/12

My daughter and the snarl balls (with affection for Francesca Block for the term!)


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  1. I was always convinced that my mom hated me whenever she brushed my hair when I was little. I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t buy the spray-in conditioner that my aunt got for my cousin, although I have a feeling I still would have been mad at her for brushing it even if she did.


    1. Hair brushing is so awful. I actually never brush my daughter’s hair. Her hair is so delicate, dry, and fine that I can only finger-comb it and then comb with a wide-tooth comb when her hair is wet and slathered in deep conditioner. Then she needs a leave-in conditioner on top of that. And possibly a drop or two of oil just to try to keep in from snarling.

      I also thought my mom hated me when she brushed my hair 🙂 I’ve been working on a comic about it 😛


  2. Poor baby! I love the line of thinking in how the snarl balls are formed!

    I had chronic tangles as a kid and it created so many fights between me and my mom when I’d get ready for school in the mornings. I remember her combing my hair with a vengeance. And there were always empty threats that it would be cut short if I didn’t take better care of it. My mom even bought this spray-in conditioner stuff called No More Tears. Except there were still tears, believe you me.


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