Cut Paper


I have been battling insomnia since my big move last month (and a little before then, too), so last night, I took a sleeping pill for the very first time. It was pretty unpleasant, and not entirely effective. I woke up far more often than usual. I woke up about fifty times. I woke up every time something fantastical happened in one of my dreams. It’s like the sleeping pill didn’t let me turn off the fact-checking part of my brain. Best friends with a baby elephant? I don’t think so. Swimming with mermaids and talking sea turtles? Not tonight! Ghost-hunting with Tyrion Lannister? You wish. Since I wasn’t allowed to stay asleep as long as my dreams were mildly interesting, I finally got two solid hours in while dreaming of building a chicken coop. I woke up when I decided to put pink rats in it instead, though.


9 thoughts on “Insomnia”

  1. Ugh, not sleeping sucks, but your dreams for what little sleep you did get sound amazing! I totally want to go ghost-hunting with Tyrion!

    Sometimes when I’m having trouble sleeping I take one Tylenol PM. It’s just enough to help get me to sleep without making my head feel stuffed full of cotton in the morning. Hope you get some rest soon!


    • You could also just take a benadryl unless you are actually experiencing pain, cos that’s all the PMs (excedrin, tylenol, advil) are – analgesic+diphenhydramine.

      I hope you get some sleep soon, Nicki! I also wish it for myself, I’ve only had 2 or 3 decent nights of sleep since we moved in January. :/


  2. Is that why my dreams are so wacky lately? My 5:30 a.m. wake up call from my son every morning has left me thoroughly exhausted and having trippy dreams every night. Last night I dreamed I laid five hen eggs fused together and decided if they were fertilized I’d have given birth to conjoined quintuplets.


  3. Pink rats! I spit tea on my computer. LOL. LOL.. LOL
    Your blog is incredible. It has made me smile through this night of insomnia. Your paper cuts are ingenious, story lines can be related to and your humor is top notch. Lovin’ your blog which is where I was before I came here to look at sketches and such. The yoga one was great as was the comment about her being mad when she finds out about India. 🙂 You have a wonderful way of spreading joy.


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