Meet Faye!


I saw this young bunny’s profile and just couldn’t resist adopting her from the local animal shelter. Her name is Faye and she’s got the same wild hair as my daughter. You can expect to see her in future sketches. It’s so good to work with live models!


My daughter was attempting a bunny face here


11 thoughts on “Meet Faye!”

    • Thanks! (I always feel weird saying “thanks” when people compliment my daughter, like I am taking credit, but my eyes are the only thing she seemed to have gotten from me. In every other way, she’s a clone of her dad. So thanks! 😀 )


  1. I thought the same thing – not sure if it’s a trick of the camera, but it looks like they’ve got the same eyes, too. Are you sure they’re not related?


  2. Nicole, Love the picture of Faye & Nora. Do you still have Bunny & your cat? I miss you guys. Hope Florida is awesome!


    • Hi Pam! Bunny passed away (he was very old), but we still have Nora and the cat 😀 We miss you, too! I wish there was a great store like Stamping Buddies nearby here. It’s half an hour to the nearest craft store, and it’s not nearly as good!


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