Cut Paper

In college, I had this wonderful cat named Psychoface*. He was the sweetiest, roly-poliest cat in the world. I adored him. For some strange reason, though, whenever he appeared in my dreams he was a man wearing a cat suit, sporting a unibrow and constantly waving around a smelly cigar. When he talked, he sounded like an old-timey gangster. I starting drawing little cartoons of our everyday adventures with him depicted that way. A few weeks (months? I’m not sure, time has been running together since the big move back to Florida) ago I was going through an old sketchbook and found two of the old cartoons:



I have been missing my old cat-friend lately, so I wanted to make a cut-paper version of us. A decade later and I still wear my cowboy boots on a weekly basis, so here we are. Friends forever!





*Psychoface was named for a poem by Anonymous that appeared in my sister Ashley’s high school literary magazine. Anonymous, if you’re reading, I think you are a genius. The poem goes

Psychoface, psychoface
You’re so crazy
Psychoface, psychoface
You are crazy


5 thoughts on “Psychoface”

  1. That’s awesome! I think the show “Wilfred” stole this idea from you! Did you read a lot of Calvin and Hobbs as a kid? Maybe that’s why he morphed into a larger cat, but your brain said, “That doesn’t make sense!” and made him a man in a cat suit?


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