Sketchbook 7/9/13: Squirrelfight!


A study for an upcoming comic



The office is being painted… I’ll have access to my paper and scissors tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook 7/9/13: Squirrelfight!”

  1. At this point, I think my husband would like your sketch better if the squirrel did not make it out alive. He is getting frustrated with the ones in our backyard eating all of the birdseed. They knocked over the bird feeder twice recently.


    • I sympathize. I had a long battle with the squirrels when I lived in Ohio. They were always chewing through my screens and garbage can and trying to break into the attic. Once, I went chasing after one with my BB gun, looked like a raving lunatic. My neighbor caught me and laughed and laughed.


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