Sketchbook 8/9/13: Call of Doogie

Cut Paper

I just got back from a week of camping in Pennsylvania! Most of the time, we had no cell phone service or internet. It was a little bit liberating, but mostly stressful, since I’m in the middle of selling my house and kiiiiinda needed to be in touch. At one point, I was at a rest area trying desperately to get wifi on a tablet so I could send docs to the bank before the quickly approaching deadline. A woman came up to me and said, “That e-book you’re reading must be really intense!” Yes, it was.

After camping, we stayed with my husband’s family for a few days. While his younger brothers played video games (including Call of Duty: Black Ops), I was inspired to make fun of Doogie.


So, now I know I absolutely will spend an entire morning making a visual joke that only I will laugh at.

It’s good to be back!


5 thoughts on “Sketchbook 8/9/13: Call of Doogie”

  1. I was camping for a few days earlier this week too and had no service. It was really nice, until I tried to get a new book on my Kindle and couldn’t get anything, including the spotty wifi. Also, I totally want to play “Call of Doogie”!


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