Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Item 3

Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Cut Paper

Because I have a couple of pregnant loved ones right now, I’ve been thinking about maternity clothes. When I was pregnant, my very favorite outfit was a stretchy, blue, tie-dyed dress that I loved even though/because it made me look like a bowling ball. I just realized I don’t even have a picture of myself wearing it! Bummer. Here’s an outfit similar to the one I wore for practically my entire 3rd trimester:


What about you? What was your go-to maternity outfit?


2 thoughts on “Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Item 3”

  1. CUTE! My third pregnancy I had a wardrobe of adorable hand-me-downs, but I had to wear zoo uniform at work. That means an absolutely enormous shirt and khaki pants. I was a hottie.


    • Most of my maternity clothes were hand-me-downs, too, including this dress! Maternity clothes are just made for sharing (at those prices… sheesh!)


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