Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Item 9

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Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Cut Paper

At least once a week, all I want to wear out in the big, bad world is a muumuu. Muumuus are out of the question, of course, because 1- it’s barely spring and 2- they are highly unfashionable. But I believe we can change this. I believe in the power of us, the muumuu-craving women of the world. We will buy them and we will wear them proudly and we will say, “Yeah, I’m wearing a muumuu. It has pockets!”


Seriously, I’m at least buying one to wear to the beach this summer.





Also, I got to be a judge in Knuckle Salad’s Munch Madness! Find out which weird food combinations beat each other out in the first round. And find out what happened when my family had to decide between Orange Soda + Chocolate Ice Cream and Pickles + Hummus! Click to read my fully-illustrated judgement.madness1a


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