Early Character Design

Cut Paper, Drawing

Trying out a few different versions of a character for a story I am writing about a tiny, wild woman.

The first doodle while waiting forever in a lobby:

This is when I decided she should have very pointed teeth. And leaves in her hair are dumb because she is only 5 inches tall, so nevermind that. She needs a unibrow, though. I love unibrows.

A cut-paper version:

Trying to decide if she should be hairy all over like a woodwose or one of the free, wild people at the end of ****** (redacted, so I don’t spoil a book.) I’m think I’m leaning more toward a dress of woven leaves, mostly because it will be fun to design.

Here’s an ink version:

I don’t like this dress, though. She needs something better. Oh, and that bug is not there for scale, or as her companion. She eats bugs. Lovely, delicious bugs.


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