Fraidy Cat Garbage

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Since I am running out of money in my art supply budget all about reusing trash to reduce my carbon footprint, I am experimenting with different materials for illustration. Today I tried

  1. Painting on a brown paper bag:


I love painting on neutral toned surfaces, so this was great. The paper is, naturally, incredibly thin and prone to wrinkles, but I like texture and would definitely consider using this to illustrate a future project, or just for doodling.


2. Painting on a gessoed wood panel:


I love this because you can really build up some texture with the gesso. The watercolor will not absorb into the gesso, however, so you really can’t glaze. Still, it’s a fun option.


3. Painting on gessoed paperboard (yesterday’s box of mac and cheese!):


Same thing with the gessoed wood panel– the watercolor just rests on top. It’s free and easy though, so I will definitely use it a lot in the future.

4. Painting on canvas


Very soft background. A teeny tiny bit of glazing is possible. And canvas can handle a lot of texture build-up. But this wasn’t my favorite, and I probably won’t try anything more with it for a while. (I have a LOT of canvases that can be gessoed over, which is why canvas falls under “garbage” here!)


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