Oil Portraiture, Part 1


I learned to paint from impressionists, alla prima style (wet on wet), but I have always longed to capture the luminous look of classical portraits you see in the art museum. I started researching that older style of painting, working up slowly with glazes, and I started my first attempt last week.

This grisaille oil painting of my daughter is the underpainting.

Here’s the first pencil sketch, a study to work out the values. Then slowly building up the grisaille.

Once the grisaille underpainting is completely dry, I’ll begin Part 2, glazing color.


3 thoughts on “Oil Portraiture, Part 1”

    • Nothing so far– I haven’t even completed this test portrait yet 🙂 This underpainting is like the outline of a novel. Sure, it looks okay now, but can I actually make it come to life once it’s time to add in color and detail? We’ll see!

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