More watercolors

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Here are a few recent watercolor sketches…

These two are the result of one of my painted garbage experiments. Here, I primed some paperboard from food packaging with white latex gesso, then painted with watercolor once it had dried:



I like the effect. I love watercolors when they are loose and hard to control. It’s similar to (but not exactly like) painting on yupo paper. No or very little color glazing, and it doesn’t absorb into the paper at all. The colors remain very bright.

This is a sketch of my sister’s cat Bazinga in ink and watercolor. Bazinga is an inside kitty, presently caterwauling because she wants to be an outdoor kitty. This is how I imagine she’d behave once she actually went outdoors:


And this one is my submission for June’s Scbwi Draw This contest. The prompt word is “splash.” It’s watercolor on yupo paper with charcoal pencil. My love affair with yupo paper continues! It’s the only paper I’ve found that can achieve the same color intensity and luminosity as dried paint on a watercolor palette. And I am obsessed with my watercolor palette(s).

Splash large

I’m back from vacation, so I should be painting more often now! And I’ve finally recovered from a months-long illness that hindered my creative ability, so I’m looking forward to working on more detailed and focused projects in the near future!


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