Mother and Daughter Watercolor Portrait

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I painted my first watercolor (double) portrait this month as part of the Casual Art Gang, a collective of creative friends who answer a monthly challenge. The Casual Art Gang is comprised of me, Carl Burkitt, Sam Schafer, and Helen Seymour. Our challenge this month was to create something inspired by the word “senior.” (Note: the other participants are not necessarily sharing their CAG work at this time. I am because I have no patience!)

I’ve been very interested in portraiture lately, so my first thought was that I’d like to paint a portrait of a senior citizen. I decided to paint from the best photo I have of my late grandmother, June Berry—one in a series of she and my mother in a photobooth. One day I’ll have to do a color portrait, too. Grandma Berry had one blue eye and one brown eye, which I always thought was very special and magical.



mom and gma 1mom and gma 2mom and gma web


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