Fish Story

Mike bought a fish from the pet store and they said to bring it in if it dies and they will replace it. Well, it did die, but Mike didn't have time to go to the store, so he stuck it in the freezer in a baggie. (Illustration: Fish in a baggie labeled Do Not Eat)

That was months ago and now there are two more... (Illustration: Three baggies of labeled, dead fish)

Illustration of a cell phone open to a search bar with the words: fish serial killer how to know


2 thoughts on “Fish Story

  1. At the zoo, we have a freezer full of specimens that have to be retained due to US Fish and Wildlife regulations. At some point, there will be a place we can send them. We hope. But for now, don’t open any freezer bag labeled turtle. Will we get them moved out before we move to our new building? I am not holding out hope. We just managed to send off an eagle who died 15 years ago.


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