The Sharpie

I needed to mail a Christmas package off to my parents, but my black Sharpie had run out of ink. (Illustration: Sharpie frowning and saying "I'm sorry.")
I looked in my art studio to see what else I could use to write out their address. (Illustration: Bamboo reed pen and bottle of ink.)
I wrote out the address the best I could, but Mike said it looked deranged and would probably get flagged byt he post office. (Illustration of the package, looking decidedly deranged.) I mailed it anyway.
Well, I just looked in Mike's desk drawer and guess what I found?? (Illustration of  a happy Sharpie saying "I'm full of ink!) IT WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME!
Deranged-looking hand lettering in ink that says: The Whole Time

3 thoughts on “The Sharpie

  1. So do we get to blame Mike for stealing it?

    I had sharpies. I had lots and lots of sharpies. All colors of sharpies. Then I had Girl-child, the Padawan, and The Destroyer (formerly known as Squish), and all of my sharpies disappeared. Along with every pen with ink in the entire house.


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