Star Trek: Mini Comics

Silly Trek comics cause it was too cold to leave the house today:

The Enterprise waits by a green planet. From the planet, a word bubble emerged :My Word!
Picard, Worf, Geordi, Troi and Riker all stand on the planet's surface. Picard: This planet is entirely populated by pre-warp, hyper-intelligent bunnies!
Illustration of a large number of bunnies.
The crew runs off saying SQUEEE! Picard: THE PRIME DIRECTIVE! COME BACK!
Geordie, Troi, and Riker cuddle bunnies. Picard slaps his forehead. Worf looks confused.

Riker and Deanna stand by a chair. Riker: what's that? Deanna: it's a chair.
Riker lifts his leg over the chair back. Riker: How do I...? Deanna, crossing her arms: Nope.
Riker puts the chair on his head. Deanna: Uhn uh.
Riker curls up sideways in the chair, his arm dangling down. Deanna: Keep trying.
Riker sits upside down in the chair, all alone. Riker: Deanna, I think I've got it!
Much later…
Riker, yelling: DEANNA

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