Hourly Comic Day 2020

6-7AM: Cuddled with the cat
7-8AM: Hinted to Mike that he should make breakfast burritos. 

Mike: Good morning! Sleep well?

Me, attacking: Yaaaaaaaaaas, you're awake I'm so hungry!!
9-10AM: Made and posted a comic about Groundhog Day.
10-11AM: Went appliance shopping.

Family: Your cheapest dryer, please!

Salesman: ok
12-1PM: Pizza lunch!
1-2PM: Took a walk and saw a group of starlings form a perfect ring in the graveyard.

Me: uhhhh...
2-4PM: Started googling and fell into a rabbit hole.

Search engine: bird omens
4-5PM: Noticed a bird staring in at me from the window.
5-6PM: Followed the bird to a mysterious portal
6-7PM: Debated entering for so long that the bird got bored and flew away. The portal closed.

Bird: Byeeeeeeeeeee
7-8PM: Ate dinner with Mike and our daughter and the larger-than-life worm sculpture she made today and named Sally.
8-9PM: Same bedtime routine, new stalling method.

Daughter: WAIT!! Sally needs her pajamas on, too!
9-11PM: Watching the Good Place with Mike.

Me: I love Janet!!
11PM-midnight: Pillow mist to help prevent nightmares.

Me: I can't believe this is working!